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Grace Unlimited Inc., founded by Dr. Julie Newcomer, focuses on creating a better world and better life for everyone. Through medical missions and the donation of medical supplies, Grace Unlimited Inc. has been able to help better the lives of people all over the world.


Dr. Julianne Newcomer is excited to return to the mission field and operate on women who wouldn't receive this type of healthcare otherwise. She has been accepted to serve with Mercy Ships and is excited for the call to serve. 

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Medical Missions

Fistula is a horrendous condition found in women who have experienced a prolonged and obstructed labor without medical assistance. Simplistically put, the wall between the bladder and vagina is damaged by the prolonged pressure of the baby's head, and a fistula, or hole, develops. Fistula can also occur as a result of injury to the bladder during difficult surgery.

Consequently, the woman is constantly leaking urine. Sometimes, the rectal wall is also affected and there is no control of feces. The woman is often ostracized by her husband and her family; she becomes an outcast in society.

Dr. Newcomer, along with other volunteers, fix hundreds of women on each mission. She has participated in six missions to Niger, West Africa in association with The International Organization for Women and Development, Inc. to provide much needed medical supplies and procedures to help women.

Medical Supplies

In 2007, Grace Unlimited Inc. received a large donation of IV pumps and supplies from Gunderson Clinic in LaCrosse, WI. These were subsequently donated to MedWish in Cleveland for distribution all around the globe. MedWish ships medical supplies to 93 different countries worldwide.

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